{{Mustache}} || {{Handlebars}}

Templating is always an useful tool for any program to have. Templates allow developers to generate their desired content onto a html file efficiently by utilizing built in functions included in every templating language. There are many templating languages out there, but we will explore and compare Mustache and Handlebars templating languages.

Mustache website: https://mustache.github.io/

Handlebars website: https://handlebarsjs.com/

First off, Handlebars is created as an extension to Mustache. Mustache can compile through many languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C, etc. while handlebars began in JavaScript, however there are projects now like handlebars-ruby (https://github.com/MSch/handlebars-ruby) . Handlebars basically has all the features of mustache because it is an extension to Mustache.

As an extension to Mustache, Handlebars adds #if , #each , #with , and #unless helpers which bring in logic to the template, unlike Mustache which strives to be logic-less.

To conclude, if you are looking for a simple, logic-less template, Mustache is the right template for your program, but if you are looking for a template that has logic like loops using the #each method then Handlebars will fit that criteria.

Thank you for reading.